Explore Jonkershoek on Google’s Mzansi Experience

Friday, March 11, 2016 by CapeNature

With the launch of Google’s Mzansi Experience, you can now explore the beautiful views and trails of Jonkershoek Nature Reserve, online. Read on to find out how.

Launched by Google South Africa in early March, the the Mzansi Experience is a Google Street View collection that will provide local and international tourists with the opportunity to go on virtual tours of some of South Africa’s top natural attractions.

Using images collected by the Street View Tripod and Trekker, Google has created 360-degree imagery of some of South Africa’s most beautiful locations, and created virtual tours that enable visitors to see the sights for themselves on their phones, tablets or computers.

Visitors will be able to, for the first time, explore a number of local attractions, including CapeNature’s Jonkershoek Nature Reserve!

Click one of the images below to be taken to the Jonkershoek Mzansi Experience!

Jonkershoek Mzansi Experience 2

Click the image to see the Jonkershoek Mzansi Experience

Jonkershoek Mzansi Experience 1

Click the image to see the Jonkershoek Mzansi Experience

Says Google SA communications and public affairs head Mich Atagana: “We are launching this imagery on Google Maps as part of a campaign to showcase the beauty of South Africa as a tourist destination for local and international travellers. South Africa is home to some of the top tourist destinations in the world, home to eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites and home to the Kruger National Park – one of Africa’s largest game reserves. This imagery seeks to showcase the beauty of the country to those who are interested in virtually traveling here, and will hopefully to inspire them to visit in person.”

This type of 360-degree, panoramic imagery is now available in 66 countries, Atagana says. “We are excited about the many possibilities we have yet to explore, and to bring more useful and beautiful imagery to Google Maps users around the globe.”

There are more than one billion monthly active users of Google Maps services. Street View imagery is available in more than 75 countries, as well as parts of the Arctic and Antarctica.

About Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is home to the majestic Jonkershoek Mountains and parts of the Jonkershoek valley. The reserve, which includes the smaller Assegaaibosch Nature Reserve, lies near the town of Stellenbosch in the south-western Cape. Visitors may choose to explore one or both reserves, as they are in easy reach of each other. The reserves are about 9km from Stellenbosch, on the Jonkershoek valley road.

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